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As a member of IATA, the company issues its own tickets directly with the airlines through German, Greek and Cyprus BSP markets, providing most suitable flight options for the particular request, working with each client to design and create an itinerary that efficiently transfers crews according to the specific needs, locations and budget.

As a significant player in the specialist marine and crewing transfer market, Flight Store deals directly with the airline having all options available for finding you the right fare on the right flight, enjoying extra flexibility due to deals from several markets. We can help you plan your crew changes, your executive travel even your family holiday.

We, at Flight Store, will find you the best routing at the best price on the market.

Should you wish to travel Business or First we will find you the very best value. Having made your arrangements with Flight Store and things change, then we, unless exceptionally specified, can change and re-route your travel or refund your fare at no or minimum cost. Our tickets are totally refundable and flexible*.

* some tickets due to airline policy or pricing may be flexible at a cost and may not always be refundable in full


A team of professionals available around the clock to create your itinerary, solve your problems, give you a total peace of mind and… get you there!